M&E Overview

The Monitoring and Evaluation (M& E) practice within NDRMF is carried out under the auspices of national policy frameworks, strategic objectives and priorities, namely the National Disaster Management Plan (NDMP) and the National Flood Protection Plan IV (NFPP-IV). The NDRMF Monitoring and Evaluation framework provides a comprehensive and integrated strategic monitoring and evaluation direction for NDRMF to determine, on an on-going basis, how best to maximize the value of disaster prevention, reduction, response, and intervention.


M& E measures the performance of all NDRMF policies, programs, and projects and identifies what works, what does not, and the reasons why. The following are some of the ways in which monitoring information and evaluation findings can be highly useful for effective disaster risk reduction and management in Pakistan:

  • To provide quality information on the management and coordination of disaster risk related interventions across spheres.
  • To support planning, budgeting and policy-making decisions that are based on evidence rather than opinion.
  • To enhance transparency and support accountability relationships by revealing the extent to which the NDRMF has attained its desired objectives, with specific reference to disaster risk management in the country.
  • To create a platform for relevant stakeholders (CBOs, CSOs, NGOs, universities, research institutes, think tanks, and the media) to play meaningful roles in M&E in several ways, including both as a user and producer of M&E information.

Figure: Monitoring & Evaluation Framework


Figure: NDRMF’s Results Chain model