Fund Management

NDRMF has three-tier governance and management structure comprising of:

  1. General Body
  2. Board of Directors
  3. Management Team

General Body

The Fund shall consist of up to 40 members to be nominated by the Government of Pakistan. Out of which 16 members shall represent the Government of Pakistan and the remaining 18 members will represent private, civil society and the academic/research sector and/or business, community leaders of experience, integrity, and repute.

The members representing the government will include a representative of federal ministries/authorities (5), provinces (8 members) and regions (3). The provincial and regional representation may be from the respective planning, flood management agencies (irrigation departments) and disaster management agencies.

The core functions of the General Body are as follows:

  • Provision of overall policy guidance
  • Consider the annual financial statements of the NDRMF
  • Pursue the annual budget approved by the Board of Directors
  • Consider the annual report prepared by the Board of Directors
  • Select Directors, appoint Auditors(s) and fix their remuneration
  • Transact any other business which may be agreed at an Annual General Meeting and deemed to be special or appropriate