Fund Process Flow

Entities seeking financial support from the Fund are effectively termed as Fund Implementing partners (FIPs). FIPs can be government entities, international donors, civil society and academia. FIPs may also include public-private partnership models. Government entities and other organizations already accredited by international and national funds will be provided special exemptions to fast track the accreditation process. Other FIPs should first be accredited in order to be eligible to receive support from the fund. Each FIP will use the resources transferred by NDRMF and carry out activities in accordance with the contract signed between the FIP and NDRMF.

Accredited FIPs will submit an application for financing and an Initial Sub-Project Concept (ISPC) based on criteria approved by the NDRMF Board and scope of activities in line with the NDMP, and NFPP IV. NDRMF will review the ISPC, screen the subproject in terms of safeguards, impacts, and risks. The NDRMF will also recommend appropriate assessments and plans if required.

Upon approval of the ISPC, the Fund Implementing Partner (FIP) will prepare a Detailed Sub-Project Report (DSPR) that includes the detailed design, implementation plan, safeguards assessments and plans, required government approvals and other documents needed for appraisal of the subproject. Once approved, NDRMF will sign a contract with the FIP for the subproject implementation and release the required funds. During the subproject implementation, the FIP will submit periodic reports to be reviewed by NDRMF and the project will be supervised as per the contractual commitments of the FIP.

The NDRMF workflow is highlighted by the following figures:

Figure: Grants Approval & Implementation Mechanism (PSE / Non-PSE)