Sound environmental management is critical to sustainable development and poverty reduction in the country. Without committed efforts to safeguard the environment, the pressure will continue to build on the country’s land, forests, water systems, wetlands, marine ecosystems, and other natural resources.

NDRMF aims to build capacity and support potential Fund Implementing Partners (FIPs) in the identification, preparation, and implementation of targeted initiatives with environmentally sustainable and precautionary measures.


NDRMF Environmental Policy

NDRMF is fully committed to promoting sustainability in all its business operations by effectively managing environmental risks, impacts and enhancing beneficial impacts through implementation of the following policy principles:

  • Comply with applicable national and international environmental laws and international ratified conventions and agreements and ensure their adequate integration in financing contractual agreements of all FIPs to ensure compliance in planning, designing and construction/implementation of sub-projects.
  • Avoid, minimize/protect and/or mitigate, and fully compensate negative environmental impacts (including health and safety) in its operations and risks to the physical environment, particularly to eco-sensitive and culturally important areas and people who may be affected through the financing of sub-projects.
  • Communicating environmental policy and principles to all staff, potential FIPs, affected persons and external stakeholders, including both men and women and ensure transparency in the implementation of ESMS.
  • No financing to sub-projects with high risks that would cause heavy and irreversible/harmful social and environmental impacts.
  • Encourage the development of projects eligible for consideration for green financing.


Applicable Environmental Safeguard Requirements

NDRMF will ensure that:

  • All proposals for funding from FIPs are screened against the Prohibited Investment Activities List.
  • All proposals from FIPs with potentially significant environmental impacts (category A) will not be considered for financing under the NDRMF.
  • All proposals from FIPs are reviewed, monitored and evaluated against the Pakistan national laws, regulations, and standards on environment, health, safety, indigenous peoples, and physical cultural resources.