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NDRMF, 5th Floor, EOBI House,
Mauve Area, Sector G-10/4, Islamabad.



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Contact Details of Technical Focal Persons


Subject/Area Focal Person Contact Email
PA & M
PA & M Mr. Najaf Khan
Project Manager PA & M
Ext. 421
Disaster Risk Reduction
Disaster Risk Reduction Mr. Mubushar Hussain
Manager Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)
Ext. 406
Disaster Risk Financing
Disaster Risk Financing Dr. Kamal Ahmed
Deputy Manager Disaster Risk Financing (DRF)
Ext. 411
Finance Mr. Syed Rashid Ali
Chief Financial Officer
Ext. 601
Procurement Mr. Awais Saleem
Manager Procurement
Ext. 415
Environment Mr. Muhammad Ali Durrani
Deputy Manager Environment
Ext. 521
Social Safeguards
Social Safeguards Mr. Sheraz Hussain
Deputy Manager Social Safeguards
Ext. 516
Monitoring & Evaluation
Monitoring & Evaluation Dr. M. Junaid Usman Akhtar
Manager Monitoring & Evaluation
Ext. 506
Human Resource
Human Resource Mr. Nabeel Khalid
Deputy Manager Human Resource Management
Ext. 716
Corporate Affairs
Corporate Affairs Mr. Muhammad Mehran Afzal
Company Secretary
Ext. 201
Management Information System
Management Information System Mr. Sohaib ur Rahman
Deputy Manager – MIS
Ext. 526
Media Ms. Reema Zuberi
Deputy Manager Media & Coord.
Ext. 703