Compliance Monitoring

The Safeguard Unit (SGU) conducts both regular and surprise visits to project sites for environmental safeguard compliance monitoring. SGU will communicate with the FIP and confirm from time to time that the FIP is undertaking the obligations of compliance with all applicable environmental safeguard requirements. In case of any actual or potential breach of the compliance requirements, SGU will immediately report on the issue. Environmental safeguard performance will be evaluated on a semi-annual basis.



All environmental information related to the ESMS and projects supported by the fund will be disclosed on the NDRMF website. These include the Board approved environmental and social policy and procedures described in the ESMS, environmental and social assessment documents and plans, environmental approvals for specific subprojects, monitoring and progress reports on subprojects supported by the Fund, annual environment and social safeguards performance report. Environment safeguards progress and monitoring reports will also be posted on the website for the general public and stakeholders.



Grievance Redress Mechanism (GRM) is established by NDRMF and grievance related to the environmental safeguards can be registered through it. The procedure for grievance redress handling is defined on the NDRMF website (provide hyperlink)