Assessment and Measures

This process is used to identify potential environmental impacts and risks of a project and prescribe the environmental management plan to be implemented by the Fund Implementing Partner (FIP). These are composed of the following documents.


Safeguard unit (SGU) conducts field visits for due diligence of submitted proposals by the potential FIPs. Depending upon the complexity of the proposal, DDR can be a desk review (for category C proposals) and based on the site visit (for category B proposals).

FIP shall provide all the information to safeguard team & shall be able to demonstrate responsiveness with respect to the applicable environmental safeguard requirements.


Initial Environmental Examination describes the environmental condition of a project, including potential impacts, the formulation of mitigation measures, and the preparation of institutional requirements and environmental monitoring for the project.


Environmental Impact Assessment examines the environmental and social consequences of the project prior to execution and provides information to decision makers and the public about the environmental implications of proposed actions before decisions are made.



Figure: Procedure Flow for Project Preparation



Figure: Timeline for Environmental Approval



Figure: Project Implementation