Our Activities

NDRMF is instrumental to support the implementation of the National Disaster Managment Plan 2012-2022 and National Flood Protection Plan (IV). The fund will finance the project which shows relationship with the given targets. However phase wise interventions will be finalized based on the pressing needs and demand like for phase 1 the identified projects are given in the table given in the section of Focused Interventions.

However, initially the Funds has set the following targets against the major two outputs;

Output1: Investments to reduce vulnerabilities to natural disasters.

  1. Retrofit 500 critical public (social) infrastructure
  2. Retrofit/reconstruct 300 km of critical flood DRR structures
  • National Level MHVRA completed
  1. 20 Sub-national MHVRAs completed CBDRM plans prepared and executed in 50 vulnerable UCs
  2. Install/replace two additional weather radars
  3. Staff of forecasting organizations trained in modeling and analysis.
  • Develop criteria to assess projects from DRR perspective

Output 2: Improved fiscal management of natural disaster risks.

  1. Design awareness campaigns for public
  2. Consultants for DRF strategy recruited
  • Risk data, maps and modeling for preparing DRF strategy
  1. A national DRF strategy developed
  2. Two DRF instruments developed for pilot testing
  3. Pilot Test one DRF instrument
  • Loan Account Closing.