Project/Programs Procurement Cycle



Step 1. Call for proposals
Fund will call for proposal twice in year i.e in June and December for efficient management and disbursement.

Step 2. Receiving project proposals
The fund will receive proposals and shall group this according to the thematic areas identified in the strategic business operational plan, acknowledge receiving of proposals and will coordinate with proposers for any clarification and associated requirements like accreditation.

Step 3. Administrative verification
All the project proposals will be verified through administrative mean i.e. national Secretariat and Provincial secretariats (to be notified) for effective ownership of the projects.

Step 4. Project proposal grouping
All the received/verified proposals will be grouped into lots for review by technical evaluation committee.

Step 5. First evaluation step (Proposal evaluation penal)
The projects/programs will be evaluated initially by the internal review panel (to be notified by the fund) and will recommend projects/programs to the peer review panel (TAC).

Step 6. Second evaluation step (Peer Review)
The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) will be selected and constituted with members from a roster of experts in a specific sector, along with members from core team of the NDRMF and shall be responsible for final review and endorsement of projects/programs for board approval.

Step 7. Recommendation for funding (Board Approval)
The board shall approve projects and may delegate certain limits approvals to the CEO through limits of Authority (LOA).

Step 8. Contract award
Upon approval from BoD or CEO through LOA contract shall be awarded to the proposer as per standard approved agreement.