National Priorities

The resource pooled under the NDRMF are dedicated to support the implementation of the National Disaster Managment Plan 2012-2022 and National Flood Protection Plan (IV). The fund will finance the project which shows relationship with the given targets. However phase wise interventions will be finalized based on the pressing needs and demand like for phase 1 the identified projects are given in the table given in the section of Focused Interventions.

National Disaster Management Plan:

Intervention-1: Establish the Institutional and Legal System for Disaster Management

Intervention-2: Prepare Disaster Management Plans at Various Levels

Intervention-3: Establish national hazard and vulnerability assessment

Intervention-4: Establish multi-hazard early warning and evacuation systems

Intervention-5: Promotion of training, education and awareness in relation to disaster management

Intervention-6: Strengthen awareness program on disaster risk reduction at local level

Intervention7: Infrastructure development for disaster risk reduction

Intervention-8: Mainstreaming disaster risk reduction into development

Intervention-9: Establish national emergency response system

NDMP Executive Summary, Priority Actions/Programs for the Next Ten Years (2012-2022)