National Priorities

The resources pooled under the National Disaster Risk Management Fund (NDRMF) are dedicated to support the implementation of the National Disaster Management Plan (NDMP) 2012-2022 and National Flood Protection Plan (IV) (NFPP-IV). The fund will finance projects relevant to given targets. However, phase-based interventions will be finalized based on imminent needs and demands.

For the first phase, the identified projects are given in the Focused Interventions section.

National Disaster Management Plan:

Intervention-1: Establish the Institutional and Legal System for Disaster Management

Intervention-2: Prepare Disaster Management Plans at Various Levels

Intervention-3: Establish national hazard and vulnerability assessment

Intervention-4: Establish multi-hazard early warning and evacuation systems

Intervention-5: Promotion of training, education and awareness in relation to disaster management

Intervention-6: Strengthen awareness program on disaster risk reduction at local level

Intervention7: Infrastructure development for disaster risk reduction

Intervention-8: Mainstreaming disaster risk reduction into development

Intervention-9: Establish national emergency response system

NDMP Executive Summary, Priority Actions/Programs for the Next Ten Years (2012-2022)