Important Announcements

First Accreditation process of Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) has commenced and the organizations could download the “Accreditation Application Proforma” from the link Important Announcements. The last date for submission of Accreditation Applications along with “Brief Concept Note” of their intended project for seeking financing from NDRMF and list of reference documents that have been required in the Application Proforma, is 30.08.2018. Queries and submissions should be made to the following named official and at the address including email ID as mentioned below:

Ms. Amina Sadaf,
Phone: +92 (51) 9030862
Deputy Manager (Procurement),
National Disaster Risk Management Fund,
ERRA Headquarter,
Main Murree Road (Opposite Margalla Town),
Near Faizabad, Islamabad.Phone: +92 (51) 9030862,


An organization already possessing an external accreditation(s) such as GEF, GCF, etc. or accreditation by a Donor Agency, may submit their Project Proposals, in separate sealed envelope, on prescribed format following the guidelines available at link Important Announcements. The Project Proposal should be submitted by or before the Proposals’ Submission Deadline i.e. 20.09.2018 alongwith their documentation that was submitted for securing external accreditation(s) and the accreditation certificate.

Moreover, an organization who does not possess any accreditation and is applying for NDRMF’s accreditation, may choose to submit their Project Proposal in separate sealed envelopes either alongwith their Accreditation Application or alternately, organization may choose to submit their Project Proposal by the Proposal Submission deadline i.e. 20.09.2018 subsequent to submission of their Accreditation Application. Nonetheless, their Accreditation Application will be processed at first stage and if they qualify the accreditation process, their Project Proposals shall be opened and further reviewed. In case, an organization could not succeed with accreditation process, their sealed Project Proposal, will be returned unopened.

Currently, NDRMF is processing accreditation application from non-government entities. This will be followed by a request for submission of project proposals by the accredited FIPs.

In so far as the Government Departments are concerned, a simpler checklist will be posted on website, highlighting their eligibility criteria, along with a detailed procedure for project submission and approval procedure.

Accreditation criteria for Fund Implementation Partners has been uploaded.
click here to download
Proposal Guideline for Fund Implementation Partners.
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